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Keeping Mould at Bay

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Thu 12 Apr 2018

Keeping Mould at Bay

A recent article in the Bury Free Press gives 6 top tips on how to tackle mould....


Below is what they suggest:


1) Fans - Ventilation is key! Mould grows best in humid condtions so keeping the room well aired is important.


2) Light - Mould thrives in darkness! Increasing the amount of light reduces mould.


3)Drying Clothes - Moisutre from drying clothes in bathrooms contributes to humid conditions inviting mould growth.


4)Dust - Dust is a food source for mould. Dusting is essential to prevent mould growth.


5)Gadgets -  gadgets are available that snese the humidity in your home and make you aware when the condtions are mould friendly, another gadget available is a moisture absorber.


6)Paints - some paints contain mould fighting ingredients.